Montmartre Cemetery Overview

Montmartre Cemetery Address: 20 Avenue Rachel 75018 Here is the map to the cemetery:

Montmartre Cemetery Most people that have an interest with Paris' history will want to visit the enormous and quite imposing Pere Lachaise Cemetery located on a high plateau within the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Also don't forget to visit the more peaceful but equally fascinating Cimitiere de Montmartre. Often referred to as the graveyard of the famous for the many French painters (including Impressionists), many great French composers, artists, singers, architects and dancers were layed to rest here. Among the number of more famous residents include Edgar Degas, Jean Foucault, Alexandre Dumas and Gustave Moreau. A guidebook is almost required or else you'll miss the highlights. Even better is to use a live guide who can help you navigate the somewhat intimidating cemetary.

Hours of the Montmartre Cemetery

The Montmartre Cemetery opens between 8am and 5.30pm everyday, and entry is free.

Getting to the Montmartre Cemetery

To reach the Montmartre Cemetery, catch the Paris Metro to either Place de Clichy (lines 2 and 13) or to Blanche (line 2) and walk a couple minutes to the entry of the Montmartre Cemetery at 20 Avenue Rachel. If you take the 13 line, take it to Place de Clichy and when you exit keep an eye out for Blvd. de Clichy and avenue Rachel will be on your left. You can also take the following buses to reach the cemetery: 95, 80, 74, 54 or 30