Free Concerts at American Church and Théâtre du Châtelet Paris

American cathedral paris

Concerts at American Church

The American Church in Paris is where the American expat community congregates. The American Church was founded in 1857 and is notable for being the first American church abroad. The church has offered the free Atelier Concert Series since the 1930s. The music is a delight at the American Church of Paris and feature talented international musicians.

Admission to enter the church is free. For the music, you'll want to attend the Sunday evening concerts which begin at 5 PM (September to November and again after winter break in January through June).

The American Church in Paris Map:

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Concerts At Théâtre du Châtelet

Théâtre du Châtelet is one of Paris's most beloved venues for theater, music, and opera. Situated in a tranquil setting, the theater has a seating capacity of 2,500 and tends to attract a mostly Parisian crowd more so than tourists. The company Integral Distribution has organized a concert series at Théâtre du Châtelet for the public to enjoy. Currently there is also a popular music recording of the Paris Concert (Live at the Théâtre du Châtelet) by Richard Galliano.

Entrance to Théâtre du Châtelet concerts are free.

Théâtre du Châtelet Paris Map:

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