Free Concerts in Parisian Churches

Music in paris churches

Free Concerts in Parisian Churches

From the large cathedrals of Notre-Dame to the small St Ephrem church, many churches of Paris also offer free music in addition to religious services. The following churches feature musical events weekly:
  1. Sunday morning organ recitals are held at Notre-Dame Cathedral
  2. Eglise de la Madeleine
  3. La Sainte Chapelle - small church of St Ephrem in the heart of the historical center of Paris.
  4. Eglise St Sulpice is steeped with history (and is a memorable locale for fans of The Da Vinci Code). Sunday mass as well as weekend classical baroque concerts are available at the Eglise St-Sulpice
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Festival Classique au Vert

Sometimes you want to venture outdoors and still be able to listen to live classical music in a park setting. Beautiful floral designs provide a wonderful backdrop to this series of classical music concerts. Parc Floral in August and September on the weekends hosts classical concerts in the Festival Classique au Vert and feature many gifted musicians. The concerts are free and happen every weekend during August and September. Performances are scheduled to start around 14.00 and last until 16.00. Info on who is playing can be located on the Visitors Bureau site.

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