Free Museums, Churches and Buildings to Visit in Paris

Europe is a continent of museums, France a nation full of Artwork, and Paris itself is always being painted in her many poses. There are numerous museums and galleries where you can tease out the vagaries between a Manet and Monet. Paris is also home to a number of the greatest museums in all of Europe. The Louvre is more than simply the most visited art museum in the world; it is a landmark as well as a source of national pride and identity for the French.

Smaller museums dedicated to just one artist. The three most beautiful and evocative museums in all of Paris happen to be dedicated to single artists: Musées Moreau, Rodin, and Zadkine. Not all museums are free for everybody, but hopefully there will be days and times that they are free for you (for example, seniors and students). To learn more on free Paris museums, use the following sites:

Churches and Architecture

Parisian churches, in addition to serving the area's religious needs, are each and all functioning as: art gallery
  1. historical preservation society
  2. community center
The buildings themselves tell the story of the town. While you might want to spend the day touring

only churches, Paris also offers substantially a lot more to marvel at for free: the tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, the cafe scene, the boulevard shops, and yes, even the cemeteries cost nothing and are a feast for the eyes. It is all free for the frugal traveller.