Resources for Finding Free Outdoor Activities in Paris

How to Navigate Paris using Postal Codes

Each Paris neighborhood (arrondisement) has a number that correlates to the last digits of the postal code of an address. Check the last few digits of the postal code for any address to see which arrondisement it's in and then use a map like the one below to see how close a destination is.

Free Music and Theater Events in Paris

One of the most magical aspects about Paris is the music and theater, and there is even music, dance and art to be experienced live in the streets of Paris. On many street corners of Paris, you can find talented singers and performers plying their trade. For a formal list of outdoor music, dance and art festivals in paris, the best online calendar of upcoming events include:

Paris Parks, Gardens and Monuments

Most of the parks of Paris were actually once palace grounds. There is much more to love for free in Paris than simply the parks. Hanging out at the River Seine can cause you to feel like a Parisian rather than just a tourist, and also don't forget to visit the lovely the garden of Versailles. The streets of Paris can amuse with its innovative fashion displays, amazingly stylish store windows, and remarkable buildings that have stood the architectural test of time. Paris is a city full of things to do, see, and learn inside and outside. For more info regarding Paris's many outside parks, gardens & monuments, please consult the following maps and links:

Paris Monuments

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Paris Parks and Gardens

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